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Training on the Cheap: Cost-Effective Hunting Ideas

If you are heading out hunting tomorrow for deer opener than you already know that hunting is an expensive hobby. Scent-covering hunting clothing alone can literally cost hundreds of dollars. Serious hunters typically spend hundreds more during the off season planting food plots, buying fancy deer stands, and making countless trips back and forth from the […]

Red or Green Light for Deer Hunting?

Most shooters either use red or green light for deer hunting at night instead of using white shades or other alternatives. It is not that these lights are more potent than the latter; however, the effect they have on the deer’s instinct makes them a preference. Unlike white light that will spook away your target, the red […]

Hunting with Dogs is “Effectively Halted” in Scotland

Hunting with Dogs

Scottish ministers are cracking down on hunting with hounds in moves that will effectively shut down the activity north of the border. They have pledge to close loopholes in the law, including limiting to just two the number of dogs that can be use to hunt down a fox in hiding. Measures are also being plan to […]