Pedersoli Howdah Hunter 20-Ga Pistol


Pedersoli Howdah Hunter 20-Ga Pistol is a pistol With twin barrels packing a one-two wallop, this big-bore pistol was fashionable Europeans exploring the vast jungles of India and Burma within the mid-1800s. On a typical excursion, explorers and soldiers were a part of an elephant caravan. Riding on a howdah (the basket perched atop an elephant) may look safe in today’s world, but a century ago danger was real. Tigers could scale the side of a slow-moving elephant within the blink of an eye. To combat surprise attacks, the Howdah-style side-by-side pistol was created. Two cavernous 20-gauge smooth bore barrels are often loaded with buckshot, one slug, “buck and ball”-load common in big-bore muzzle loaders used on dangerous game. Squeeze one among the triggers, and you will appreciate the hand-conforming checkered walnut grip, and therefore, the recoil-soaking end-cap counterweight. Its case-hardened lock plates are engraved with tailed wild animal scenes. Optional shoulder stock also available. Classic pistol with side by side barrels reproducing the Anglo-Saxon guns’ style used for the hunt within the last half of the Eighteen hundreds within the far colonial territories and India.

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